Zombie Survival Kit

When the zombie hoard comes knocking on your door, will you be ready to defend yourself from the undead? Or will you be a clueless, helpless human snack cake that will only live long enough to see your entrails ripped from your body? Z-day is coming and if you want to be able to protect yourself, as well as your friends and family, then you MUST be prepared. We’ve made it our mission to help save as much of the human race as possible when the zombie apocalypse occurs, dedicating our site to creating the best zombie survival kit for you to withstand the undead. We’ve also got tips, tricks and product reviews that will help you make the most informed decisions when preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

Our Professional Reviews

Want to know if a certain machete is good enough for hacking off a zombie head? We’ve got you covered. Need advice on the best type of clothing to wear while escaping a hoard of ravenous zombies? We’re on that too. We review everything that could possibly be useful for a zombie survival kit during Z-day, including backpacks, foodstuffs, weaponry, clothing, footwear, and so much more.

We test our products in the field, under conditions that we assume would be similar to those that would be experienced during a zombie attack. We also look for durability, reliability, ease of use, and various other factors that could affect a product’s performance on Z-day.


Let’s look at some of the essential elements that any successful zombie survival plan needs to include:

Pack a Melee Weapon

We’re not telling you to ditch the gun; firearms are fine, but they have their limitations. We suggest always having a melee weapon on hand, at least to act as backup, because they don’t run out of bullets. When a gun’s out of ammo, it’s about as useless as a toy. Of course, you can always throw it, but that usually only works once and then your gun is gone. While melee weapons also have their drawbacks, such as causing body fatigue or exposing you to the risk of infection, they are also usually cheaper and easier to find than guns (unless you live in the United States, then guns might be just as easy to find, depending on your location.) and they can even be homemade. Here are some of our favorites:


Machetes are easy to wield, highly portable and much less cumbersome than the other weapon to which it is most often compared (the axe), and have a blade so sharp that most would have no problem lopping off a zombie’s head or destroying its brain. Plus, everyone looks terrifying holding a machete, even toddlers and Dora the Explorer.


Not only will a crowbar be helpful to you in the mundane, day-to-day aspects of survival (prying things open, breaking open windows, etc.) it is also an easily-found, easy-to-use makeshift weapon that can do a fair amount of damage.

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat, preferably one made out of polypropylene or aluminum, is a lightweight weapon that, if given the appropriate amount of force, can crack a skull, take out kneecaps, and shatter a spine. If you find yourself unarmed, they are incredibly easy to find, and even a child can use one, at least in theory.

Kukri Knife

Ideal for chopping and slashing, the kukri knife is similar to the machete, but has a thicker blade that makes it more functional that its longer counterpart. It can also be used to skin animals and vegetables, open cans, chop firewood, and digging, so it has plenty of applications outside of being used as a zombie head-and-limb lopper.

Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Get a gun and take classes to learn how to use it and make sure that you do NOT forget to buy the accessories needed to go with it, like a cleaning kit, light, and, of course, ammunition, among other things. Before you buy, however, take some time to decide which gun or guns are right for you.


Most would say that you need a handgun as a backup weapon, and we agree with them. They’re portable, usually lightweight, and are perfect for situations in which you’ve just emptied the clip of your main gun, but still need to shoot something.


A favorite among survivalists, shotguns are pretty easy to use, make hitting a target simple, and packs a lot of power. However, their ammo capacity is pretty low compared to other guns, it can take longer to reload, and most come with a powerful kickback. They’re great for groups of zombies.


If you know how to use it, a rifle can be a great gun to have on hand when the zombies attack. Not only can you shoot at zombies from a distance, but you can use it to go hunting as well. However, rifles can be a pain to use up close and it takes some degree of skill in order to use one properly.

Wear Functional Footwear

Leave the heels and canvas sneakers at home; you want something that repels blood and in which it is easy to run. In our opinion, the best shoes for the zombie apocalypse are comfortable, high-quality, and durable boots that are easy to clean and maintain. Both hiking boots and combat boots are acceptable and there are hundreds of varieties from which to choose. Just make sure that you can run in them comfortably.

Choose Your Clothing with Care

When it comes to your clothes, during a zombie apocalypse, you want something that maximizes coverage, comfort, and durability, and that minimizes bulk. Additionally, you want the fit to be snug, since loose clothing is easier for zombies to grab. Almost all shirts are going to afford you little to no protection from a serious zombie threat, so what you want to focus on are your jacket/coat, pants, gloves, long underwear (if necessary), and regular underwear. Clothing made with sweat-proof/water-proof material is always a smart buy for your zombie readiness kit, as is armor that you can wear under your clothes.

Personal Hygiene Still Matters

Z-day isn’t an excuse to wallow in your own filth. In fact, keeping clean is essential if you want to avoid infections, functions, and disease in general. Some of the items you will need include dental care products, toilet paper, pads or tampons, brush/comb, clippers, a small container of baby powder, and, while it’s not essential, we do recommend deodorant, just to be courteous to those who have to smell you. If your BO is so bad that someone would rather give themselves up to the undead, then you have a problem. Also, don’t forget your first aid kit!

Take Care of Your Water Supply

Water is essential for survival; not only can a human die after three days with no water, it can also be used to clean cuts and wash bodies when necessary. You’ll want a high-quality canteen, a supply of bottled water in case you end up in a location without water, a personal water filter, and purification tablets.

Remember Your Miscellaneous Tools

These are the items that are easy to forget and whose absence is only made apparent when you find that you desperately need it. We’re talking things like matches, flashlights, tool kits, multipurpose tools, compass, handheld radio, duct tape, rope, carabiners, utensils/mess kit, and a knife, preferably on that can double as a close-quarters weapon in a pinch. (You don’t want a knife to be your main form of protection; ideally, you don’t want to come close enough to a zombie for a knife to be effective.)

Pack Your Signaling Equipment

Signaling tools are vital if you want to be rescued. Of course, they should only be used when you’re certain that someone in the vicinity is looking for you, otherwise they’re just a zombie beacon. To this end, invest in a flare gun, handheld flares, signaling mirror, rescue light, and, of course, in fire-starting tools like nature-proof matches, fire kits, and fire-starting blades.

Take Your Sleeping Bag

Your body needs good, restful sleep in order to stay healthy and strong, which is why it is vital that you buy a sleeping bag can withstand the elements, that is durable enough for constant usage, and that won’t be too bulky, heavy, or too hot/cold

Looking for more? Take a look around our site to see our recommendations on picking a particular item. We’ve helped thousands of preppers – from pro to beginner -with building their zombie survival kits, and you will be no exception. We review each item thoroughly before recommending it in an unbiased, professional manner to make sure you get your money’s worth!